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  • What to expect at your first visit with Step Ahead Wellness Center?
    If joining Step Ahead Wellness Center from outside of our medical practice, you will need clearance from one of our medical doctors prior to joining Step Ahead. They will evaluate your medical and weight loss history. If you do not have recent testing (EKG, labs, etc.), this will occur at this visit as well. If you are providing bloodwork, please arrive fasting. This will be a longer visit, please anticipate 45-60 min. If you are part of Affiliates in Internal Medicine practice, you will meet with our registered dietitian and/or nurse practitioner on the first visit.
  • How can I prepare for my first visit at Step Ahead Wellness Center?
    If you have had recent testing (labs, EKG, annual physical, etc.) done at your medical provider, please bring these to the visit. If blood work is done in our office, please arrive fasting for 8 hours. Also, please print and fill out the forms below.
  • Step Ahead Wellness Center Forms
    Please make sure to bring your forms before your visit by contacting us.
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